Gifts, candy, and flowers are all appreciated on Valentine’s Day, but what says “You mean the world to me” most of all is sharing special moments together. In this busy world, knowing that someone makes time to spend just with you is priceless. This is what makes our Valentine’s Day sunset cruise so special. This cruise is so sought after, in fact, that we offer romantic sunset cruises not just on Valentine’s Day, but all weekend as well! You can offer your romantic Valentine’s Day gift on any night from Thursday, February 14, through Sunday, the 17th. 

Your Evening

As you and your loved one sip champagne, you can watch the sunset as its colors echo the fiery passion you feel inside for your special someone. The warmth of a sunset touches everyone’s soul. Once the colors melt into the water, sit back, snuggle up, and enjoy a leisurely 75-minute cruise around Mission Bay. 

The warm glow from the sunset and the gentle sway of the boat on the Bay combine with the beautiful sound of the acoustic guitar of Joseph Angelastro, one of San Diego’s most beloved musicians, to create a memory that will forever be etched in both your memories. It won’t be long before you forget there is anyone else in the world but the two of you.

New or Lasting

Maybe this is your first Valentine’s day together, or maybe you have been lucky enough to have experienced 25, 30, or even 50 years together. It won’t matter. The feeling of love you first felt will have you both glowing as brightly as the sunset. Relationships are cemented by those special memories that you make together, not the physical gifts you might pick up at the last minute. You can start the evening with dinner at your favorite eating place and then head out onto the Bay. Afterward, it is up to the two of you where you want to go next. We can almost bet you won’t want the special warmth to end just yet. 

Book NowOur sunset cruises fill up quickly so make your reservations online now to make sure this Valentine’s Day you won’t be left wondering what to do to show that special someone just how much they mean to you. This is one Valentine’s Day gift idea that will be sure to please. It is one of our greatest pleasures to help make your special day as full of love and warmth as it can be. We’ll see you there!