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5 excellent reasons to experience a San Diego sunset from mission bay

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The ocean view sunset on Mission Bay is spectacular, especially when the whales and dolphins come out to play in the stillness of the evening. Have you ever witnessed a dolphin or whale leaping in its natural environment? It’s a sight that will make you reminisce about the moment for the rest of your life. Many visitors to the area have had this experience, but it is uncommon for locals to spend time on the bay. Many people attempt to avoid the tourist crowds during the summer, and others simply don’t think of a sunset cruise as an option for a memorable evening out during summers. But if you are a sucker for sunsets then there is no reason that you miss the sun set in San Diego. The off-season is the best time to book a tour and Mission Bay is the best spot to experience a beautiful sunset for a number of reasons.

1: Gorgeous Pacific sunset
Wondering where to watch sunset while visiting San Diego? Mission Bay is the perfect spot to encounter the best sunset in San Diego. With our distinctive vessel created specifically for bay cruises, our Sunset Cruise allows you to see a “sunset” side of Mission Bay that few get to see. You are sure to appreciate this boat trip like no other which is accompanied with calm ambiance, and awe-inspiring Pacific sunsets.

Imagine the excitement your kid will feel if you schedule a charter boat sunset tour for him and his few close pals to celebrate a special birthday or a farewell party before leaving for college. You have the opportunity to make a lasting memory for them.

2: Calm Pristine Waters
Experience the serene waters of our Mission Bay lagoon on our year round cruise inside this magnificent bay. You’ll be treated to a wide range of music and alcoholic beverages, creating an intimate yet relaxed atmosphere unlike any other sunset cruise in Mission Bay or San Diego.

We’re fortunate in San Diego because we can witness a variety of whales every year; you never know what wonderful creatures you’ll find leaping around in the sea! During your tour, you will be enchanted by the incredible whales and have the chance to observe five distinct varieties of whales off the coast.

This excursion was created for those looking for a more personalized experience than a typical visit at sunset beach San Diego. Discover a side of Mission Bay that few people ever see after sunset.

3: Perfect for dates and romantic outings
Is it time to ask that certain someone to be a part of your life for the rest of your life? Consider how lovely it would be to do so against a backdrop of a fiery sky with dolphins or whales peeking through the waves to urge you. To add to the surprise, you may join a scheduled cruise or take an exclusive trip with a handful of your closest friends.

The golden radiance of the sunset and the subtle motion of the boat on the Bay mix with the wonderful sound of Joseph Angelastro’s acoustic guitar, one of San Diego’s most beloved artists, to create a memory that will be carved in both of your minds for the rest of your lives.It won’t be long before you forget there are other people in the world except you and your partner.

Our sunset cruise can suit any occasion, whether you are looking for a romantic adventure or a relaxed way to savor the evening sunset. One of our greatest delights is helping you make your special day as full of love and warmth as possible.

4: Relaxing atmosphere
Your days are packed with people who require your attention, phone calls, meetings, and much more. Taking a break once in a while does no harm. In Fact everyone should unwind from their monotonous routine to enjoy a little family time. It is vital for our mental health and to keep us going. Booking a sunset cruise provides you the perfect reason to turn off your phone and disconnect from the steady stream of activity.

Whether you go alone to relish the time to breathe deeply or invite that significant other in your life to snuggle up with while watching nature put on a performance that is unrivaled, you will emerge from the experience invigorated and ready to face whatever awaits you tomorrow.

Likewise, this setting can inspire writers, photographers, and other artists. The blend of water and a beautiful sunset inspires creativity like nothing else. A change of scenery is often all that is required to break a creative stalemate.

5: Full Bar available at Cruise SD
Provided with an exclusive bar, you’ll be treated to a superb selection of music and a wide range of alcoholic beverages, creating an intimate yet relaxed atmosphere unlike any other sunset cruise in Mission Bay or San Diego. You and your loved one can watch the sunset while sipping champagne, and the colors of the sunset will reflect the ardent desire you feel for your special someone. Everyone’s spirit is touched by the warmth of a sunset. Take a break, cosy up, and enjoy a 75-minute voyage around Mission Bay after the colors have faded into the ocean.

By renting a boat, you can relax and enjoy your own party while having the decor, special drinks, and other details taken care of. Enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other or close friends and family while falling in love with nature. The Captain’s Bridge is excellent for parties of two to eight people who want to get together in a more intimate setting. The stunning panoramic views of Mission Bay from the upper deck will leave you spellbound. Don’t forget to get your cameras because you’ll want to cherish your time aboard the Ohana.

Why Cruise San Diego is better than others?
We are passionate about our coast, as well as the history and animals that surround us at Cruise San Diego. The OHANA, our lovely vessel that serves as the platform for all of our bay tours, is a part of that history. The Chaffee Machine Company of San Diego manufactured this aluminum passenger ferry for the Wrigley Family, yes, the famed chewing gum makers.

The ship was built to transport their family and guests between Los Angeles and Catalina Island all year (which they also owned). The ship and Catalina Island were given back to the state of California after they passed away. The Cabrillo, as it was then named, was bought by a private investor and used to offer whale watching tours out of Long Beach, California before being discovered by Cruise San Diego, who chose to bring it back home. Cruise San Diego is a locally owned and run company whose purpose is to introduce our guests to the beauty and history of our waters.

All set to witness the San Diego sunset on Cruise? So what are you waiting for – join us for the breathtaking Pacific sunsets that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

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