Honor Your Loved One With A Burial At Sea

Our respectful, reflective scattering of ashes into the ocean — Healing and Reflection


Our respectful, reflective scattering of ashes into the ocean gives families a safe space for healing and reflection.

There are many reasons people choose a burial at sea…
A love of the ocean and being left to rest in a beautiful place to be remembered, often top the list.

Other reasons family considers a burial at sea:

  • Expensive cemetery plots
  • The formality and expense of funerals – Did you know a traditional funeral can set families back more than $20,000?
  • A memorial that’s truly memorable
Scattering of ashes into the everlasting cycles of the ocean is an alternative option that makes sense for many reasons.
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Cruise San Diego is family owned and operated.

private group events on cruise san diego

We have compassion and help families by creating a space for healing on the ocean.

Our boat, the Ohana, leaves from Mission Bay and can accommodate groups from 1 to 100 people. You can join us for a group scattering, where each group has a dedicated amount of time with the captain at the bow of the boat. Or you can reserve the entire boat for yourself with your own private officiant.

Our ash scattering ceremonies are performed from a variety of locations off the San Diego Coast. If you have a specific location to scatter we would be pleased to accommodate your wishes.

A memorial service can be performed and flowers placed in the water. After the ash scattering, the exact GPS position of the burial ceremony is recorded. This information is used to complete the memorial certificate which will be sent to the family.

Trust us to help your family with closure by scattering their cremated remains off the coast of San Diego.

For more information or to book a Burial at Sea, please give our office a call.

(619) 288-8554

Burial at Sea Packages

To help families balance cost with a personalized experience, we offer
three different service packages.

Unattended Burial

You provide your love one’s remains to our office and we respectfully spread the ashes for you, document the exact GPS location, and provide you with a certificate.  It’s a lovely way to honor your loved one’s wishes or love of the ocean.

  • This is the most cost effective package.
  • This service is also available for pets.

Private Burial

One family or group reserves the entire boat for the burial event. We can arrange for a variety of custom options such as, pickup location, length of service, refreshments, and a specific location to spread the ashes.

  • This is the most customizable package.
  • Of course, this service is also available for pets.

Why Cruise San Diego?

When you work with us, it’s personal. We promise to treat your burial the same way we would treat one of our own loved ones.


Memorials with a personal touch.

You work with the same team member for the entire process from planning, to spreading of remains, to memorial certification.


We’re flexible.

As a small, family run business, we are much more flexible with our boats than our competitors. We can work around your schedule and can make arrangements for food or special locations, as required.


We really care.

You already have enough on your plate with processing the loss of your loved one. Our respectful and caring staff will help you every step of the way from filling out forms to the actual spreading of ashes.

You save money.

You work with us directly, cutting out the middle man usually involved in burials.

For more information or to book a Burial at Sea, please give our office a call.

(619) 288-8554