Holiday parties bring to mind catchy music, decorations, and boats. Wait, that last item surprised you, didn’t it? But what a great idea!  Whether you choose to host this year’s holiday party for your family or friends or your company company private boat would be exceptional. Among the many parties you will be attending, yours will stand out as different, and much more special. 

Multiple Benefits

In addition to hosting a party that will have people talking about fondly for many years, having your holiday party on a private charter has several more benefits.

  1. Less Stress – This year, you can avoid the constant worry about enough seating, whether the appetizers are running low, or if Aunt Betsey is feeling ignored. By booking a boat, you can have the decorations, special drinks, and more all taken care of and spend the time enjoying your own party.  If it is a company event, you can concentrate on networking and relaxing during your time outside the office.
  2. Memorable – Your party will stand out. Even people who don’t often enjoy attending holiday events will look forward to attending because yours will be unique and something most haven’t experienced before. The water makes a lovely backdrop that captures the sparkle of holiday lights and adds a soothing ambiance that will put everyone in a relaxed mood.
  3. Avoid the Mess – One of the worst things about hosting a holiday party is all the cleanup that has to take place afterward. When your party is hosted on a charter boat, you won’t have to worry about taking down decorations or trying to figure out what that new stain on the carpet is, or how to get it out. You can enjoy the evening and go home, waking up to a clean house in the morning. At Cruise San Diego, we take care of everything.  

Book Now

Book your holiday party now before all our spaces are filled. Let this year’s event start a tradition for your family or business celebration. What better gift can you give your guest – and yourself.