Fun Things To Do For Kids, Adults In Weekend

The sunset on Mission Bay is a wondrous site, especially when the whales and dolphins come out to play in the quiet evening. Many tourists to the area have experienced this but it is rare that those who live in this area spend time on the bay. Many try to avoid the seasonal hustle and bustle of tourists and others simply don’t consider a sunset cruise as something to consider on a special evening out. The truth is, the off-season is the perfect time to book a tour for many reasons.There are many fun things to do In Mission Bay And San Diego.

Increase Creativity

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than the combination of water and a great sunset. Writers, photographers and other artists can find inspiration in this environment. A change of environment is often the one thing that helps break an artistic block. 


Your days are filled with people that need your attention, phone calls to make, meetings to attend and a lot more. Booking a sunset cruise gives you the perfect excuse to turn off your phone and get away from all the activity you are plugged into constantly. Whether you go alone and just enjoy the chance to breathe uninterrupted or grab that special person in your life to cuddle up with as you watch nature put on a show that is unequaled, you will come away from the experience refreshed and ready to meet whatever lies in store tomorrow.There are many things to do to remove your stress.

Things To Do For Special Events

Imagine the thrill your teenager will have if you book a sunset tour for them and a few close friends to enjoy a special birthday or as a send-off to college for the first time. You get to create a memory they will carry forever.

Things To Do For Romance

Is it time to ask that special someone to share your life forever? Imagine how romantic it would be to do so with the fiery sky putting on a  light show and dolphins or whales poking through the waves to voice their encouragement. You could join a planned cruise to heighten the surprise or book an exclusive cruise with a few of your closest friends. 

Dolphins and Whales

Have you ever seen a dolphin or whale leap in their natural habitat? It is a sight that will bring a smile to your heart forever after.

So what are you waiting for – join us for awe-inspiring Pacific sunsets that you are sure to enjoy!