5 Different Types of Whales Off the Coast of San Diego

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, there is no better experience than joining us on a Cruise San Diego Dolphin & Whale Watching Tour! Our experienced team of marine biologists and friendly crew will provide you with an educational and fun experience with memories to last a lifetime.

We’re lucky here in San Diego – we can see several different types of whales year round; you never know which fun creatures you’ll see frolicking around in the ocean!  During your tour, you will be mesmerized by the amazing whales and will have an opportunity to possibly see these five different types of whales off the coast.  

  1. Pacific Gray Whale – Weighing in at up to 40 tons with a length of 30 to 50 feet, the Pacific Gray Whale has been seen only ½ mile from the bay! Each year from December through April, these mighty creatures take part in a 10k mile migration from Alaska to Mexico to give birth to their calves.  
  2. Great Blue Whale – The largest animal to ever exist on the planet, the Great Blue Whale ranges from 90 to over 100 feet and weighs up to 200 tons! You can see their migration from May through November during a whale watching tour.
  3. Mighty Fin Whale – Known as the Fin or Finback Whale, it is 2nd in size and weight to the Great Blue Whale and is among the fastest of the great whales. Nicknamed the “greyhound of the sea” due to its speed, the Mighty Fin Whale can travel at speeds of up to 23 mph!
  4. Minke Whale – Typically found about 5 to 9 miles offshore, the Minke Whale feeds on the local California banks. They are typically a black/gray/purple color and are easily distinguished from other whales by a white band on each flipper.
  5. Humpback Whale – Named for the large hump that forms when they arch their backs before making a deep dive into the ocean, the Humpback Whale is known best for their amazing acrobatic abilities as well as their melodic, haunting songs.  


You may also see various types of playful dolphins, California sea lions, Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola), and a wide variety of seabirds during your time on the water.  

There is simply no better way to get up close and personal with our local wildlife than to take a Cruise San Diego Dolphin & Whale Watching tour for your next adventure! Book your adventure today!