Enjoying vacations can be beneficial to the body. While you relax your mind, your body can exercise with a Mission Bay kayak rental. If you wish to enjoy the water peacefully or tread through the water with advanced skills, you are free to do so in the Mission Bay water.


The psychological and physiological advantages are just a couple of the numerous reasons to include kayaking in an active lifestyle, and this does not imply that you must purchase a kayak right away because of Mission Bay kayak rental. Try it out and see how you like it, because every skill level is welcome to enjoy kayaking in the waters of mission bay. 

How Long Do I Get the Kayak for Mission Bay Kayak Rentals?

For a maximum of five rentals per adult, you must be at least 18 years old and ready to assume fiscal and legal accountability for the property that you are renting when you choose to go on a Mission Bay kayak rental. Minors are permitted to use the rental equipment, but they must be supervised by an adult who is at least 18 years old. 


Unless otherwise specified, all equipment must be returned within two and a half hours or within half an hour of closing. Customers are expected to set up, clean up, and put away their own equipment when renting items, which is known as autonomous service. To paddle your own kayak, you must be at least 10 years old and weigh 65 pounds. When accompanied by a person who satisfies the age and weight restrictions, children under the age of 10 or under 65 pounds are permitted to ride in a kayak. 

Can I Take a Guided Tour With Mission Bay Kayaking Adventures? 

Enjoy the largest water park of its sort, the stunning Mission Bay Aquatic Park, on a kayak tour of the bay. When you go for a Mission Bay kayak rental, the journey departs at The Dana and takes you on a flat-water adventure to explore Mission Bay’s stunning fauna and hear about its history. On the majority of your cruise, you’ll witness native fish and birds that call the Bay home, as well as sea lions and other aquatic life. Both novice and seasoned kayakers are welcome on our outings. Mission Bay is similar to a huge saltwater lake with no waves, making it simple for anyone to enjoy. Take a guided kayak excursion around Mission Bay. Nature, including birds, seals, and dolphins, can be spotted throughout the trip thanks to your guide. 

How Do I Make a Reservation for a Kayak Rental at Mission Bay Kayaking Adventures?

Bookings are advised for Mission Bay kayak rental, particularly during the summer when slots are frequently sold out. Due to the limited supply, kayaking adventures usually sell out of the all-day deals; therefore, bookings are strongly advised if you want to enjoy kayaking for the day. 


You may amend or cancel within the 48-hour window or a 72-hour window for holiday weekends without incurring any fees or penalties; beyond that, there is a fee per piece of equipment. To finish the rental agreement and check-out process, please be at our office at least 20 minutes ahead of your reservation. Finally, no bookings are accepted; first come, first served for all non-motorized rentals.