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Kayaking in Mission Bay in San Diego

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Kayaking in Mission Bay is a fun, convenient and awesome way to experience all that San Diego has to offer! With abundant wildlife, colorful sunsets, and stunning views – it’s the perfect place for kayakers of all levels.

Is Kayaking in Mission Bay, San Diego Hard?
Kayaks are light, so the paddling isn’t too strenuous – even first timers who fumble starting out will eventually get a feel for how to steer and propel a kayak. Another concern we hear is that people are afraid to fall out. If you stay seated, it’s almost impossible to fall out of a kayak on the bay. So, no worries!

Which is Better for Kayaking San Diego Bay or Mission Bay?
Mission Bay is better for kayaking! Sure, we’re biased, but here’s why we love kayaking in Mission Bay. Mission Bay is much quieter than San Diego Bay, which is a major harbor used as access to the open ocean by much larger vessels.

This makes Mission Bay a great spot for kayakers and especially for beginners or those wanting a more tranquil paddling experience.

What Types of Kayaks are Best for Kayaking in the Bay?
Kayaks come in many shapes and sizes, which makes finding the perfect kayak for your needs a little easier. If you’re planning to explore Mission Bay, then a sit-in or touring kayak is probably best suited. These kayaks are longer and more streamlined than other kayak types, making them ideal for paddling in open water as well as maneuvering around rocks or shallow waters. Sit-on Kayaks are great too since they make it much easier to get on and off the Kayak.

What Makes Clear Bottom Kayaks Best?
If you’re looking for a fun outing or a new way to experience San Diego and our wildlife, our lighted clear bottom or glass bottom kayaks are just for you! You’ll be able to see below the surface and experience our San Diego marine wildlife in a whole new way!

You’ll find Mission Bay is the perfect spot for a kayaking adventure.

If you’re looking to explore San Diego’s beautiful Mission Bay by Kayak – look no further! Rent a sit-on clear bottom kayak from Cruise San Diego!

Happy kayaking!

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