It’s no surprise that San Diego is regarded as one of the top fishing locations in the world. It has a lot, including superb year-round weather and the world’s most extensive sport fishing fleets. 

While there are many different sorts of fishing, a deep-sea half day fishing charter San Diego is unique. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to enjoy a few days off from work, being out on the water with a fishing rod. So, if you’re looking for things to do in San Diego, take a fishing charter excursion out into the deep seas.

What Fish Do Half Day Fishing Charter San Diego Catch?

Because of San Diego’s warm temperatures, something is always striking offshore. Seasonality is important to consider if you’re looking for a specific fish. We’ll look at some of the catches below.


San Diego’s big game fishing doesn’t stop with tuna. You may also go for Blue and Striped Marlin. The heaviest Blue Marlin captured in California, measuring over 600 pounds, was taken off the coast of San Diego in 2015. Heavy, braided tackle is required, and a fighting chair would also be beneficial.

Yellowtail Amberjack

Yellowtail Amberjack deserves your attention for many reasons. First and foremost, if you’ve ever had “Hamachi” in a sushi restaurant, you know they’re excellent! They put up a good fight, and they’re available all year. Bring some 30-80 lb braided line with you to avoid line cuts.


Tuna fishing is an angler’s dream. San Diego’s deep sea waters have several varieties: Bigeye, Bluefin, Yellowfin, and Albacore Tuna help San Diego’s fishing reputation. Once you find a school, bait, and prepare a hefty tackle, bluefin tuna may weigh over 300 pounds. April–September is Yellowfin season.


Some of the ocean’s toughest predators live in San Diego’s seas. For instance, Mako sharks are swift and dangerous in the water and on the boat. These slow-growing fish are fun to capture. Female Makos reach sexual maturity at 18, making them vulnerable to overfishing.

And There’s More!

The fish mentioned above aren’t the only species you can get, believe it or not! Mahi Mahi, for instance, is a pelagic fish that you might add to your list of targets. Similarly, while you’re down there, you may want to try your hand at bottom fishing. In such a situation, you might catch various Bass, Lingcod, and Rockfish.

What Half Day Fishing Charter Boats Are Available in San Diego?

Most charter companies handle permits and visas, so you must arrive at the landing ready to fish. There are lots of fishes available, no matter the kind. Some half day fishing charter San Diego boats may include:

H&M Landing

H&M Landing has around 30 charter vessels, making it one of San Diego’s largest. These boats can seat six to 149 persons for fishing expeditions. Moreover, the company’s half-day open-party sportfishing trip accommodates 40 people for $60 per person. However, a private half-day charter for six costs $1,000. Nevertheless, participants thank the skipper and crew for finding fish. Food and drinks onboard are also popular.

Cruise SD

We want to ensure you have the fishing trip you’ve been dreaming about, so we offer many options and pricing packages. We can include everything—tackle, bait, lunch, snacks and drinks—or just the boat and the captain. Whatever you need! We offer half day, three-quarter day and all day fishing charter options.  Pricing starting at:

  • Half Day Fishing Charter:  $900
  • Three-Quarter Day Fishing Charter:  $1850
  • Full Day Fishing Charter:  $2400

Coletta Sportfishing

Both Coletta Sportfishing boats provide daily private charters. Coletta is a family-friendly charter and welcomes all skill levels; the captain and crew will teach new anglers the fundamentals. Both half- and full-day charters are available. Half-day trips for four cost $925, while full-day trips cost $2,475.

Point Loma Sportfishing

Point Loma Sportfishing offers half-day, overnight, offshore, and tuna trips. Some of the company’s vessels undertake four- to 23-day multi-day journeys. Half-day charters cost $70 per person daily.

Seaforth Sportfishing

Seaforth Sportfishing provides open party boat tours of several durations, including half-day and full-day excursions. Because things change daily, see the company’s web itinerary. Half-day fishing starts at $60 per person; a full-day tour costs about $200.

Private charters are also available from the firm. Six to 70 anglers may throw a line depending on the size of the boat. Prices for charters vary, but a half-day excursion for six persons should cost at least $1,100, and a full-day trip for six fishermen should cost at least $2,300.

Where to Go Deep Sea Fishing on a Half Day Fishing Charter San Diego

The seas 20-40 miles offshore are pretty fruitful. On any given day, every possible location may be a goldmine. The majority of San Diego’s deep-sea fishing excursions travel to the islands. We’ll look at the most noteworthy ones below.

  • Coronado Islands. Let’s go down to Mexico! Here is the place to go if you’re looking for a large Bluefin Tuna. Not only that but there are also Mahi Mahi and YTs. The most appealing aspect of traveling south is the fish staying around for much longer. Winter fishing has arrived!
  • San Clemente Island. The 33-mile region between Catalina and San Clemente Island, located even farther off the coast of San Diego, is an excellent place to target huge pelagic fish. This is a good place to start for Bluefin, Yellowfin Tuna, and Blue and Striped Marlin.
  • Catalina Island. Many consider Catalina Island to be the cradle of modern sport fishing. This is mainly owing to the enormous amount of Yellowfin Tuna that converges here. You may also catch big Yellowtail Amberjack and Striped Marlin.

Half Day Fishing Charter San Diego

The world has so many unique and fascinating fisheries. Every fisherman’s bucket list should include seeing a gigantic sailfish’s acrobatics or a yellowfin tuna’s drag-squealing gallop. And if you’re searching for a place for a fishing charter, half day fishing charter San Diego is the place to go, whether you live here or are just visiting.