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Things to Do in San Diego

a young girl riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

San Diego, the dynamic city where the state of California was born, is known for its beautiful climate, 70-mile beachfront, and cultural variety. San Diego should be your next trip destination if you like beaches, Mexican food, great weather, and a mix of ethnic identities.

You’re lucky, since you’ll learn which things to do in San Diego are the best. These are things that people perform, not random notions from the remote reaches of the country. They’re excellent, entertaining, and simple to use. Some are even completely free.

If you’re unsure where to begin, read this post and learn about the best things to do in San Diego, California.

What Are Things To Do In San Diego, California?

Whatever kind of traveler you are, you will discover fantastic options for your weekend in San Diego. We like the environment, history, arts and culture, and good cuisine, so the plan is a mash-up of must-do events and fantastic photo opportunities.

Here are the best things to do in San Diego, California on a weekend trip:

Sea Lion Viewing
On a clear day, La Jolla Cove is stunning. Park at one end of the beachfront boardwalk and walk to the other. The stroll is a fantastic way to start the day, with wildflowers in bloom and magnificent ocean vistas.

Moreover, La Jolla Cove is a great place to see animals, notably marine birds and sea lions. One daring sea lion even went up on the ledge at the walkway’s edge. When we came in February, we saw dozens of sea lions and seals. Always keep a safe distance from any wildlife you meet and respect its space.

Sunset Sail Tour Around San Diego Bay
This sunset sail over San Diego Bay is one of the top excursions in San Diego! Floating on the water is an incomparable position to see one of the city’s famed sunsets. It offers new vistas of the city’s most known features, such as the Coronado Bridge, Navy ships, Point Loma, and the city skyline.

On the excursion, you may also observe many basking sea lions, seals, and a pod of dolphins in the bay! Because there are just a few individuals on the boat, the journey is memorable and intimate, showcasing the beauty of San Diego.

San Diego is an excellent location for whale watching since it is directly on the route of blue and gray whales migrating to and from Mexico. And, because of the migration of gray whales in the spring and winter and blue whales in the fall and summer, visitors have whales off the coast of San Diego virtually all year.

Looking closely, you can see their water spouts while standing on the beach! However, we strongly suggest getting a closer look at the massive creatures, and the best way to do so is to go on a whale-watching excursion.

Sunset Viewing on the West Coast
Sunsets in California are renowned, and San Diego has its fair share of magnificent sky nights. Many locations in the city provide views of a blazing west coast sunset.

A flaming sunset may be seen from several locations in San Diego, including the western views at Cabrillo National Monument, Mission Bay, and the cliffs of Torrey Pines. To locate a secure viewing place, stroll along the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park walkway that overlooks the ocean. The viewing points have steep drop-downs, so you must keep a safe distance back.


Fun Things To Do In San Diego

Sure, if it’s your first trip to California, you shouldn’t skip out on a vacation to San Diego. You can surely get a sense of this city in only a few days. Fun things to do in San Diego include:

Go to the USS Midway Museum
It is located in downtown San Diego. America’s longest-serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century has already been converted into a museum. It contains a lot of information about the United States Navy and several of its aircraft. You may even try to fly in their flight simulator while you’re there!

Dine and Party at the Gaslamp Quarter
It is a vibrant downtown district for its many dining options and an active nightlife. The Victorian architecture adds a more historic air to the neighborhood, making it incredibly lovely. You will like coming here throughout the day since there are so many stores, the enormous Horton Plaza shopping mall, and many alternatives for coffee, lunch, or breakfast.

Take the Ferry to Coronado Island
The Silver Strand, a lengthy isthmus that spans south of the island and links it to Imperial Beach and connects Coronado Island to the mainland. The Coronado Ferry Landing is a charming, tiny waterfront area with shops, cafés, and hotels. Even if you don’t ride the boat, it’s worth stopping here for a stroll and taking in downtown San Diego’s skyline.

Learn to Surf!
Despite the growth and San Diego’s status as California’s second-largest city, it remains a laid-back surfers’ paradise in many respects. So, if you have some free time in San Diego and are wondering what to do, return to the beach and take some surf lessons!

If surfing isn’t your thing, consider parasailing, sailing, or a tranquil sunset cruise. But, whatever you do, don’t miss out on San Diego’s stunning coastline and breathtaking sunsets!

The best things to do San Diego, California, might go on and on, so discover and appreciate the things mentioned above you can do the city has to offer.We hope this helps you decide what to do while visiting San Diego!

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