Burial At Sea

‘Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it’ – Haruki Murakami

Loss of a loved one, a family member or a friend is impossible to fulfil. But after the loss, the person feels an innate desire to honour the memory of the person they were in love with. We all feel to be with the person and their memories after they are gone and thus take utmost care during their cremation.

One of the best ways to love and honour your loved one after they are gone is to give them a special tribute. Along with many other ways, personalizing a funeral might be a great choice.

Not many of you might know that burial at sea is one of the most unique and eco-friendly ways to complete the last rites of your loved one. People might think that sea cremation only happens in the movies, but in reality it is a widely used choice these days. Moreover, it becomes an option worth considering especially when your loved one has a special connection with the sea.

Therefore, in this blog, we will give you specific details about burial at sea services and the details people need to know. Moreover, we will also see the reasons why burial at sea should be preferred as compared to land cremation.

Everything you need to know about burial at sea

We at San Diego Burial at Sea are at service to the families by offering them space at the sea to cremate the remains of their loved ones. Along with San Diego, we offer our services at other places in California. Our captains are licensed by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to perform cremation and burial at sea. Thus, it would be safe enough to say that San Diego Burial at Sea can serve as your one-point contact in the time of grief and give a fitter honour in performing the last rites of your loved one.

Along with serving at many other locations, we are a premier scattering-sea burial provider service at San Diego. In addition, our sister company ‘Funerals Your Way’ is also a fully licensed funeral home that renders burials, cremations and memorial services.

Our private yachts are available at affordable rates and are fully capable of rendering small and dignified gatherings of 1-48 people. We understand the importance of privacy during this tough time and thus serve as your own private facilitator. In addition, our yachts leave from Mission Bay, Shelter Island and Harbour Island.

Why should you prefer burial at sea instead of land cremation?

The word ‘death’ is enough to ‘send chills down our spine’. And when we face it, it is natural to be wayward in terms of our thinking process. Therefore, it becomes even more important to give a fitting farewell to a person and the memories attached with them knowing that they will never come back.

We understand that feelings are a bit complex at the time of cremation, but burial at sea will give you that calming experience that a land cremation wont. And this is one of the prime reasons why more and more families are choosing this method to wave a final goodbye to the memories of their near and dear ones.

Contrary to what it sounds or what you see in the movies, scattering ashes at sea is very cost-effective as compared to a land cremation. This is because it preserves land usage and is conducted in a nautical background. Since there is no land used, you don’t have the stress to book a piece of land at the crematory and worry whether you will get that desired place or not.

With San Diego Burial at Sea service, you get the option to perform the scattering ceremonies from a plethora of options. The variety of locations include Crystal Pier, Point Loma, Ocean Beach Pier, La Jolla, off Cabrillo Monument on Point Loma. Along with the above mentioned places, our services are flexible enough to accommodate your wishes and provide you the location to perform the last rites of your loved ones in peace.

Environment friendly

Along with being unique and cost-effective, burial at sea is an environmentally friendly option as well. We all are aware of the atrocity mother earth is going through with every passing day. Thus, by choosing the option to scatter ashes at the sea, you can do your bit to provide just that ‘breathing space’ our earth so desperately needs.

Burial at sea is a very natural process. You just have to contact a burial at sea services providing company and they will take care of everything from there. At San Diego Burial at Sea, we understand the mental trauma a person goes through upon losing a dear one. Thus, maintaining the sanctity of the process, we understand their requirements and then render them the best service.

In addition, burial at sea is a very clean process as the rose petals and the ashes are lowered to the surface of the ocean. Thus, along with having a beautiful natural setting to perform the last rites, you would know that you are not harming the environment in performing the cremation process of your lost loved one.

Sea gives a ‘sense of closure’

At the end of the day, it is important to have ‘peace of mind’. But feelings are complex and hard to control, especially at the time of losing a person that was one of your own. Sea cremation will give you a sense of closure as seas are naturally calm in general.

There is no doubt about the fact that the ocean is beautiful. And if you perform a burial at sea, it will give you a sense that you are sending your loved one to a more beautiful place. The natural setting will bring in calmness to your mind and allow you to think about the good memories before sending them an ultimate closure.

Seas are beautiful. And burial at sea will give you a sense of calmness that you will seldom experience while cremating your loved one on land. At Cruise SD Burial at Sea, we accept cremains from around the United States and the world. Moreover, with our professional team, we render a hassle-free sea cremation service. Your ‘peace of mind’ is and will always remain our priority.