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5 reasons to host a Halloween Party on Boat and a Bonus!

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Cruise lines appreciate a good holiday time to host their guests. They arrange for Thanksgiving, get someone to cook for you, and take care of the dishes! Not just that, there is a memorable celebration on New Year’s with balloon drops and champagne toasts! Not to forget, the Gingerbread houses, Santa’s visits, and the atrium filled with Carolers on Christmas. But sadly, Halloween doesn’t get as much press. We hardly get to hear anything about Halloween events on a boat. We’re shocked that most cruise lines do not engage in the Halloween season since it’s a compelling reason for people to cruise during a slower traveling time. Halloween on the cruise ship is definitely more fun than the traditional Halloween celebration on land.

You can sail anytime in October, and you can count on fun-filled Halloween celebrations that are spooky and filled with lots of fun activities. Each of our cruises is packed with fun Halloween treats! Alongside the many things that guests enjoy at Carnival cruises, we also include conventional activities such as costume contests and themed dance celebrations. There’s a chance to experience the Pirate Pumpkin Patch from your favourite animated series ‘Jake and the Never Land Pirates’. and get terrified by horror movies on the big screen and compete in pumpkin carving contests, and a lot more. You can go trick or treat for the little Halloween-lovers… however, there are costume contests, games, unique desserts, and photo-ops to keep them entertained!

If you’re a child looking to showcase your superhero costume and get some sweets or an adult wanting a unique celebration, then here are the top 5 + a bonus reasons to throw a Halloween party on a boat:

1: A party with amazing views
Take a trip to the beach for a beautiful boat cruise through San Diego Bay. The two cruises, Flagship Cruise & Events and Hornblower Cruise, offer narrated one-hour cruises that take you to either the south or north part of San Diego Bay. Families will love the spacious cruise ships that include snacks bars, outdoor and indoor seating areas, and bathroom facilities. Wear a sweater even when it’s a sunny day as the sea breeze can bring chills on the water at any time of the day. Even though we offer lunch or dinner services at our cruises, you can still carry your own food if you wish to.

2: Halloween Costume Night
If you’re planning to carry your gowns and tuxedos, then skip it. Instead, we have a better idea for you. To take along your quirky character costume or princess dress. Can you think of a better idea than this? Costumes make the party even more fun and enjoyable. Not just that, groups with outfits are appreciated instead of being mocked. You just have to pick out an appropriate costume, and it will be much more comfortable than heels and slimming clothing. You can pick a movie character from your favorite movie. Also, you don’t have to design an outfit around a heavy winter coat. It’s all warm Caribbean nights instead of freezing late fall temperatures.

3: No one is stuck giving out candy
At home, you’ll need to arrange and keep a stock of mini Toblerone, M&Ms, Snickers, and appoint someone at home to manage the bowl to ensure that the kids who are entitled don’t eat the entire bowl. However, when you are on the cruise, you can let your children trick or treat in a fun yet secure setting. And you can head to an adult Halloween celebration without having to think about any details or leave anyone out. The candy stands are arranged all over the boat, and the staff on board usually distributes trick-or-treat bags, so there’s no need to worry about anything.

4: Enough room for decorations
We agree that you cannot actually put candles in the Jack-o-lantern. Even so, cruise ships are great for Halloween decorations. The décor helps keep you in the festive mood, and kids enjoy the feeling of being in a themed party as the entire ship is decked with decorations for Halloween! Add some cobwebs and giant spiders on the bar, fall garlands along the railings in the atrium, or even an eerie ghost or skeleton within the hallway, and you’re ready to roll for the Halloween celebration. We can even add Spiderwebs on the portholes and painted smiling pumpkins near the bar to make it more spooky. It will be an ideal Halloween-themed party and one of the best you will ever attend, we promise.

5: Adult halloween party!
Usually, Halloween celebrations are standard house parties with guests dressed in costumes and perhaps some decorations. You’ll be lucky if you get a few theme-based drinks for the season, that too if the host is an avid Pinterest addict. If not, then you’re stuck at a boring party with a bunch of strangers. Whereas if you plan to take a Cruise for Halloween, you’ll have professional DJs and bartenders on hand along with dolled-up dancers and an entertainment crew to keep the guests delighted. Since everyone is on holiday away from their busy schedules and deadlines, they’ll undoubtedly be ready to have a blast.

And now time for bonus reason on why you should have a halloween party on a Cruise.

Bonus: Kids can have endless fun!
Trick or treating – the mandatory Halloween activity could be a part of your cruise celebration if you want. Your cruise ship will come with special instructions on where and when to go trick-or-treating so that your children will be able to enjoy it the same way they do every year! You can walk through the promenade of the ship and let them gather delicious treats to savor!

In addition to trick-or-treating, the cruise ships offer enough space and people to provide a range of entertainment for kids under 18. Cruise SD can organize costume parades along the promenade and put up haunted houses, and provide face-painting activities if you’d like. You can set up a “magical pumpkin tree” in the atrium and even ask the kids to perform an impromptu rendition of “Nightmare Before Christmas.” Host a Halloween party featuring varied characters dressed in costumes and keep an award for the best-dressed person in the party. You can have themed craft projects in the children’s area as a fun activity or perhaps pumpkin carving to keep them busy.

If you plan to spend Halloween with Cruise SD, do not forget to carry your eccentric costumes for our theme party.