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7 Holiday Parties to Host on a Boat

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Holiday season is round the corner. Thinking about what to do this year? There are plenty of options for you but nothing can top a leisurely evening at Cruise with your loved ones. Partying at the club is too mainstream, spend a holiday evening at the boat and you’ll never forget the magnificent experience.

Do not forget to book your San Diego yacht charter at the earliest to avoid disappointment. Weekends and holidays are very popular so book well in advance. You don’t want to miss the chance to spend the holiday parties with family and friends on a yacht rental in San Diego.

1: Charter Yacht for Fireworks
There are striking scenes of fireworks that can be enjoyed from the bay on Fourth of July. As the sparkles fall to the ground, the reflections enhance the effect. The city lights add an additional dimension to the nighttime display. You should make reservations for this event beforehand owing to the popularity of this holiday.

You can also catch a sight of the fireworks from the chartered yacht. You and your friends can take a sightseeing tour any day. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to enjoy the end number of sights. Many landmarks, aircraft carriers, animals and birds can be seen from the boat. You can even catch a sight of Sea lions that sun themselves on various buoys or piers.

2: Thanksgiving Party
What better than a private sunset cruise in San Diego for Thanksgiving? You can take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level by enjoying turkey, mashed potatoes and other holiday goodies while you cruise the waters of San Diego aboard your yacht charter. You can either bring your own meal or hire a caterer to prepare the meal. A dinner at the cruise with the pleasant vibe and spectacular views will jazz up your Thanksgiving. This unique setting will make this Thanksgiving memorable for your loved ones.

3: Christmas Party
Are you looking for the perfect Christmas party locations this year? Nothing makes Christmas more joyful than spending a day in San Diego’s gorgeous waters. Imagine hosting your holiday party on a private yacht charter, with the San Diego skyline as a backdrop. A boat charter is an outstanding way to celebrate the holidays, whether it’s with family and friends or work colleagues. We promise you’d cherish these memories forever. We are open to hearing your ideas for making your Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday event even more memorable.

4: New Years Eve
Planning a New Year’s party and cannot think of a venue? A yacht charter is a great way to start the new year. You can bid adieu to 2021 at a private boat party in San Diego and welcome 2022 with your family and friends aboard a custom-made yacht rental. It will be a memorable night, with champagne flowing and dancing while you float through San Diego’s incredible waterways.

No matter what holiday you choose to spend with Cruise San Diego, you will have an unforgettable experience onboard our luxury yacht rentals. You can customize almost every aspect of your charter yacht, including the sights you want to see and the food and drink choices available on the cruise. We can arrange for special decorations, music, and other services such as videographers or photographers to capture the memorable moments of your holiday spectacle.

5: New Year’s with your special someone
Spending your new years with a special person for the first time? Book a private boat charter in San Diego and make it special with Cruise San Diego. Imagine how wonderful it would be to celebrate New Year’s Eve against the backdrop of a fiery sky and whales or dolphins peeking through waves to encourage you. You can board a cruise, or go on an exclusive trip with just a few of your closest friends.

It will be a memorable experience with the golden glow of the sunset, the gentle motion of the boat at the Bay and the beautiful music of the acoustic guitar performed by San Diego’s most loved performers. It won’t be long until you forget there are people other than you and your lover in the world.

No matter what occasion you’re looking for, our sunset cruises can be tailored to your needs. Be it a romantic date or a weekend getaway to relax, you get it all along with the delightful evening sunset. Our greatest pleasure is making your special day full of love, warmth and joy.

6: Bar at boat
You’ll enjoy a unique bar with a varied range of alcoholic beverages and an excellent selection of music, making this a relaxing experience unlike any other sunset cruise in Mission Bay. You and your beloved can appreciate the beautiful sunset while sipping champagne. The miscellany of colors from a splendid sunset will reflect your profound feelings for your beloved. The warmth of a sunset can lift everyone’s spirits. After the colors of a spectacular sunset have faded into the water, take a break and cosy up for a 75-minute cruise around Mission Bay.

Renting a boat allows you to relax and have your party without worrying about the details. Spend a delightful evening together with your loved ones or with your partner while admiring the beauty of nature. The Captain’s Bridge is an ideal place for tiny groups of eight people or less. The stunning views from Mission Bay’s upper deck will leave you speechless. You’ll want to keep your Ohana experience alive so do not forget to carry your DSLR with you.

7: Charter Yacht for Sight-Seeing
Not a fan of holiday parties? You can always enjoy a little sightseeing.

San Diego is blessed with a wide variety of whales and dolphins each year. You never know what amazing creatures you might see swimming in the ocean. You will be mesmerized by the magnificent view of whales and dolphins, and you’ll have the opportunity to see five different species of whales from the coast.

This excursion is for those who want a more personal experience than the typical sunset beach San Diego visit. Explore Mission Bay in a way that very few people see after sunset.

Cruise San Diego offers sunset cruise, whale watching, sea lion tours, Networking Cruise and Charter cruise for special days like Boat Weddings, Social Events, Corporate Events, bachelors and bachelorette party and more!

We can arrange for weddings, engagement parties and burials at sea. We can arrange for videos, flowers, photos and music. All year round, the tours are available. If you are visiting in the summer, schedule tours prior to your trip. The weather in the area is almost perfect most of the time.

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