Sea Lion Tour San Diego

JA fun experience for the whole family! Wildlife at its best. Get in touch with nature on our sea lion tour!
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Sea Lions San Diego


90 minutes


1:00 pm – 2:30 pm


Adults $42.00
Kids $25.00
Under 3 Free

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90 Minute Sea Lion Tour and Mission Bay Cruise

The protected sea lions are incredible beings that live along the shores of the North Pacific Ocean. Seemingly numerous, the sea lion is a protected species under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). You can see them as far north as Alaska and as far South as central Mexico. Here in San Diego you can enjoy their happy barks and may even see them ‘rafting’. More than a tour guide, the Naturalist, an expert in marine biology, will answer all your questions about the sea lion’s appearance, lifespan, reproduction, behaviors, and diet. You will learn what ‘rafting’ is and why sea lions hold a protected status with the MMPA. Please remember that these beings are wild. Feeding them or making contact with them is illegal and endangers their individual valuable lives.

The Ohana is the perfect vessel to cruise around Mission Bay, San Diego’s Water Wonderland! Mission Bay was originally known as “false bay” by the early settlors in the mid-1500s. It consisted of lagoons, marshes, and estuaries always shifting. In the 1800s the area began to attract some recreation such as fishing and hunting. Throughout the 1940s to 1960s the marshlands were converted into the bay it is today. Today, Mission Bay is approximately 2,000 acres of saltwater that is enjoyed by watersport enthusiasts. Currently there are efforts by the San Diego Audubon Society to restore the wetlands in the northeast corner. The beautiful California Least Tern is one of the endangered bird species that is protected in Mission Bay.


Exclusive Additions


Exclusive Reservations for Your Special Occasions

Whether you are celebrating a birthday party, an anniversary, a graduation, or any of the other major life events, the Ohana offers two exclusive areas for your special occasion. These exciting offers allow you and your party exclusive early boarding. These reservations do require a fee and that each guest must present a purchased ticket to board the Ohana.

Exclusive VIP Reservation

Wow your guests with the views from the bow of the Ohana. The bow of the boat is the front area that includes inside and outside seating. This area is roped off, so you and your party can enjoy the cruise exclusively with one another. The bow of the boat is ideal for events with up to 20 people. Here, you can decorate for any occasion and bring aboard appetizers, snacks, celebration cakes, and the like.

Exclusive Captain’s Bridge Reservation

Fall in love with nature while sharing special moments with significant others or close friends and family. For the more intimate gathering, the Captain’s Bridge is ideal for your party of two and up to eight people. From the upper deck you will be awestruck by the breathtaking panoramic views of Mission Bay. Bring your camera because you will want to reminisce about this experience aboard the Ohana.