Finding the most enjoyable cruises for kids isn’t difficult, thanks to Cruise SD. There’s plenty of activities for children. Cruising is the perfect family activity with top facilities and activities on the ships for parents and children alike. The shore excursions are top-notch, and there are a zillion things for everyone to do onboard.

As the excitement of being on a vessel wears off, your children will require entertainment on board. Engaging them throughout the day will ensure that you have time to relax in the evening and will help them to burn off the extra calories from “Holiday food.” Even if you’re not taking the kind of Cruise especially designed for kids, don’t worry; you’ll still find many fun things to do with children.


Explore the city’s heritage and enjoy a taste of local history and culture while limiting meltdowns and increasing the fun at ports. Take your children for a trip to Balboa Park, situated in Downtown San Diego. You can take your children to San Diego Zoo. While they visit the zoo, you can explore the detailed Spanish Renaissance architecture.

The children can enjoy a day of wandering through San Diego’s streets and, later in the evening, enjoy a sunset cruise to catch a glimpse of the stunning sunset. All of you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean.

2: Animal Attractions

Explore the beautiful side of Mission Bay. San Diego is home to many whales and dolphins that you can see each year. It’s fantastic to observe the magnificent creatures swimming in the sea. The breathtaking views of dolphins and whales will be awe-inspiring, and there are even five whale species right on the shore.

One of the desired San Diego attractions is Whale watching. Hundreds of California Gray Whales migrate across the Arctic waters towards Baja, Mexico, to calve in Baja every year. The season of whale watching has returned, so you’ll get to see the best of it.

Make sure your children wear warm clothing if they plan to embark on a San Diego whale-watching boat tour. It’s likely to be chilly on the waters. It is possible to remove the extra clothes if the weather gets hot. However, you’ll end up being miserable if you don’t pack enough clothing for the cold winter evenings.

3: Water sports

Turn your favorite animated movie Finding Nemo into reality by exploring the underwater world through snorkeling adventures. Children who aren’t as inclined to water can still enjoy the ocean by taking one of the glass-bottomed boat trips.

The variety of water-based sports can be thrilling and will make your trip to San Diego worthwhile. You can try tubing or relax at the Lily Pad. La Jolla Shores is a beach that provides snorkeling equipment as well as kayak rentals. On this beach, people can also enroll in diving lessons beforehand. Few of the selected zones on the beach are very popular with surfers and boogie boarders.

4: Fun Activities

This holiday can also be a learning zone for your little buddies. You can have the kids paint during a group-led arts and crafts session. Not just this, they can recreate scenes from the film “Toy Story,” for fun. If the cruise line offers children’s clubs, you should check the variety of dramas available. If not, your Cruise will likely have a small movie screen onboard where children can watch a film appropriate for their age during your Cruise. Suppose you’re planning a birthday celebration for your child. In that case, you could throw themed parties such as Disney where all children can dress up in the costumes of their favorite characters such as Disney princesses or the sword-wielding pirates of the Caribbean.

5: Other Activities

A lot of cruise ships have kids’ nightclubs that are separated by age. Teenagers, young kids, and teens usually have separate areas to play with their friends in a secure setting while parents unwind. Children on cruises can also benefit from spa services onboard, including manicures. If your children are young, they can be dropped off in the playroom where lots of fun activities such as jungle gyms, books, movies, and more kids are waiting. Do not forget to include games for kids: Your vessel may have interactive games or computer-based game areas for children to play in virtual reality while on vacation.

Cruises for Kids Ages 3-12

An accessible location for departure weekend getaway to Mission Bay in San Diego is perfect for youngsters who want to race through the golden sand of warm sunshine to cool waters. Whale-watching boat tours are ideal for kids. Mission Bay offers the perfect location for outdoor activities that you can enjoy via a shore excursion. From parasailing across the reflective surface of the ocean or soaring over canyons during a zipline tour. Kids will be compelled to visit again. You can enjoy two full days in the port visiting parks and a zoo. Take your hats on an expedition through the wild terrains, and explore the secluded beaches. The memories they make here will fuel their imaginations for many years to come.

Best Cruises for Teens

Make the most of your children’s summer vacation. If you’re old enough to appreciate the ancient and rich culture, the weekend getaway to San Diego is the perfect idea of a vacation for teens. After a sunset cruise, the teens can enjoy a few days on land, exploring new destinations and finding old treasures. Engage your teens on the thrilling kayaking tour around Mission Bay or an excursion through the city exploring the ancient architecture. Get a panoramic view of the stunning landscapes while experiencing a close encounter with the region’s wildlife, including magnificent flamingoes and soaring storks at the zoo safari park. Explore lavish royal palaces and discover delicious dishes around the city.

Get insights into the country’s rich and spiritual past that has influenced cities across the world. Wherever you travel, capture beautiful photos and create unforgettable memories for your kids along the route.

With various cruises for children, our itineraries will ignite excitement in kids, regardless of age. Give your children the eternal reward of adventure by taking them on a shore excursion on Mission Bay.

Enjoy the holidays on a cruise in San Diego with your family and friends. We love to make your experience memorable and filled with warmth. Cruise SD can help you reserve the perfect evening at Cruise.