We are in that ‘happy time’ of the year again where it seems that the whole world is rejoicing. Yes, it is Thanksgiving around the corner, and you can feel a sure ‘spring in your stride’ as you are looking forward to enjoying that holiday.

Speaking about holidays, what is the one particular thing that excites you the most? Holidays are all about spending fun and quality time with family and friends to make some happy memories. And as we have seen over the past 18 months, people have started cherishing family time more than ever due to the global pandemic.

Now, to bring a delightful change this Thanksgiving Day, have you ever thought of spending Thanksgiving on a boat? Sounds exciting. Well, it certainly does, as spending Thanksgiving Day on a boat will give you a plethora of options to enjoy that holiday in a new way and give you a much-needed break from your monotonous schedule. Moreover, a boat holiday can provide you with more options than a holiday spent on the ground.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss how investing your time on a Thanksgiving ship will give you memories of a lifetime to cherish. So sit back, and enjoy the reading!

1: Expand your idea of a ‘Family.’

When you opt to spend your Thanksgiving holiday on a cruise, it will certainly help you come closer to nature. Yes, apart from the outstanding facilities and fun games available on the ship, some breathtaking natural scenes are awaiting your presence as well. Thus, along with spending quality time with your near and dear ones, you will also explore the beauty of nature and will feel a part of one large, prominent and gorgeous ‘family’.

Think of an evening where you are sipping a nice cup of coffee and enjoying watching the sunset through the ocean with your loved ones beside you? You will cherish the moment forever in your memories. And we at Cruise SD will make sure that your Thanksgiving on a boat will be not short of an excellent overall experience.

 2: Holidays equals composure.

Well, no matter how hunky-dory it seems from the outside, the holiday season can create a bit of panic sometimes. People lose their mind when they have guests over and stress how they would manage their stay, food, comfort, etc. Thus, instead of relaxing and enjoying the fun, they get all worn out and waste their holidays.

But, on a Thanksgiving ship, you don’t have to worry about any of the things mentioned above. If you opt for Cruise SD to spend your Thanksgiving holiday, we will ensure you have a ‘time of your life. We have experienced staff that are extremely helpful and will not shy away from going to the extra yard to render a more enjoyable time to our customers.

When you contact us, we will jot down all your details and curate a customized holiday plan of your necessities. You have to come here and enjoy yourself; we’ll take care of everything else.

3: The ships will add to your holiday spirit.

Mundane things can even make an exciting time like Thanksgiving Day sound lacklustre. Spending your holiday on the ground will provide you with the same options that you have been doing several times over the years. But when it is a Thanksgiving ship to spend an entire holiday, things are different.

So, if we say that spending the Thanksgiving holiday on a boat will add to your overall holiday spirit, it will not be an overstatement. While spending the day, you will see different natural scenes, enjoy a plethora of authentic and tasty cuisines and can enjoy your time without worrying about anything else. Moreover, something about the seas automatically brings in a calmness with itself, which you will seldom find if you choose to spend Thanksgiving on land.

We at Cruise SD have got everything for our customers right from a glorious Thanksgiving décor to a specifically customized menu and sightseeing places that add to the holiday’s spirit. Therefore, Thanksgiving on a boat might become the best holiday idea you have ever had!

4: The weather is better on a boat.

Whether it is enjoying the cool breeze or just seeing the waves pass during the evening, there is more you can do on a boat. Spending time on a ship will give you a perfect amalgamation of excitement and calmness that you will never find at one place on the ground.

The customers must also consider that November is an exciting time of the year, but it is a busy time as well. We often hear news of weather taking a horrendous turn in any part of the world during this time. But as you opt to spend Thanksgiving on a boat, the cruise will take you to simpler and much friendlier times where sunshine and warmth are usually the sure things. Moreover, as you will be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, you will be able to experience much better weather.

5: You will get the time to ‘Thanks and give.’

As the customer would be away from all the stress and fast-paced life on the cruise, they will get to enjoy the true essence of the Thanksgiving holiday, which is to ‘be thankful and give more. There should be no qualms that we live in times where everything is centred around worldly things, and people are just madly running behind them.

The same thinking process has marred and hampered the spirits of every holiday that we celebrate, and the story of Thanksgiving Day is no different. But, when you are on a cruise, you will feel how amazing it is to stay around nature and enjoy its simplicity. Since the customers will get their quiet time away from all the problems, they will be able to enjoy everything God has bestowed upon them, enjoy the breathtaking nature and remain in that moment.


As we have said earlier, Thanksgiving Day or, for that matter, any holiday is a chance to enjoy a happy time with your family and loved ones. Thanksgiving on a boat will certainly let you enjoy the holiday in its true essence. We understand how important your memories with your family are and especially during holidays. So, come and enjoy our services by celebrating this Thanksgiving on a boat! If you choose Cruise SD as your holiday partner, we ensure you to give the best service available and just let you enjoy a good time.